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Search for companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The following traded equities matched your search:

TIDMCompany Name
55BCC Bk Qatar A
CBQSC Bk Qatar S
0OD3C C C Tourist E
0HLVC R Bard Ord
C4XDC4x Discry Hdgs
0MIPCa Immobilien A
0HRVCa Ord
CABCabot Energy
0HRZCabot Oil & Gas
0N7HCad It Ord
0HS2Cadence Design
KDNCCadence Mineral
0HS4Cadiz Ord
0HRBCafom Ord
CNECairn Energy
0N7ICairo Communica
0ITPCaisse Regional
0IQPCaisse Regional
0IJ7Caisse Regional
0MK6Caisse Regional
0O2RCaisse Regional
0ILKCaixabank Ord
0JDCCaja Ahorro Med
CBOXCake Box Holdi.
0HS8Caladrius Biosc
0OBLCalatrava Capit
CLCCalculus Vct
CLCNCalculus Vct Rf
CMCLCaledonia Min
CNNCaledonian Tst.
0N7WCaleffi Ord
0QP3Calida Holding
0Q8ZCalipso Oradea
0UN3Callinex Mines
0DXJCaltagirone Edi
0OIYCaltagirone Ord
CMBNCambian Group
TREECambium Global
0I76Cambodge Ord
CMBCambria Africa
CAMBCambria Auto
0YDKCambria Global
CATCambridge Antibody
COGCambridge Cog
0R35Cameco Ord
CITCameron Invest.
0HSTCampbell Soup O
0J0VCampine Ord
0HSUCamping World C
0RD1Camurus Ord
0RLVCanaccord Genui
0P3VCanada Cobalt W
0UNACanada Goose Ho
0UNECanada Jetlines
CGICanadian Gen.
0UNICanadian Imperi
COPLCanadian Over
0UNTCanadian Zinc O
0UNVCanalaska Urani
0O0FCancom Ord
CDICandover Inv.
0UO5Cannabis Wheato
0UO6Cannabix Techno
0UO9Canopy Growth O
CAPCCap & Count
0RBBCapelli Ord
0HAZCapgemini Ord
0R90Capio Ord
CALCapital & Regional
CAPDCapital Drill
CGTCapital Gearing
0JWRCapital Managem
0HT4Capital One Fin
0RCZCapital One Ord
0QSRCapital Park Or
0LSMCapital Partner
0Q4KCapital Product
0NBTCapital Stage O
0E1LCapman B Ord
0K2JCapman Greenene
0HTBCapricor Therap
0HTCCara Therapeuti
CIFRCarador Inc Rep
CIFUCarador Inc Usd
0DWMCarbochim Ord
0W8FCarbures Europe
CARDCard Factory
CDFFCardiff Prop.
0HTGCardinal Health
0LECCardlytics Ord
0R6HCare Property I Ord
0YQACarel Ord
CTHCaretech Hldg
0MGHCargotec Ord
CIHLCaribbean Inv
0DHCCarl Zeiss Medi
0QL5Carlo Gavazzi H
0AI3Carlsberg A Ord
0AI4Carlsberg B Ord
0S1DCarlyle Group U
0HTQCarmax Ord
0QAPCarmila Ord
0EV1Carnival Ord
0O1ECarpinienne Par
0N7LCarraro Ord
0NPHCarrefour Ord
0HTXCarrizo Oil And
CARRCarrs Group
0K4RCars Motorcycle Ord
0JBKCartera Indu Re
0N8XCasa Damiani Or
0HU4Cascadian Thera
0HB1Casino Guichard
CASPCaspian Sunrise
0R8YCassiopea Spa O
0GK0Cast Ord
0GT1Castellum Ord
0QL9Castle Alt N 2L
0P6HCastle Alternat
0QK7Castle Private
0QOOCastle Private
0UOWCastle Silver R
0GNNCat Oil Ord
CMXCatalyst Media
0OGGCatana Group Or
CATCCatco Reins. C
0RL3Catella A Ord
0RL4Catella B Ord
0RUECatena Media Or
0GVSCatena Ord
CTEACatenae In Plc
0J6UCatering Intern
0Q18Caterpillar Ord
CFHSCathay Fin (S)
CTICathay Intl Ld
0OMBCattolica Ass O
0QFCCaverion Ord
0Q4ICavotec Ord
0ICECb Cent Coop Bk
0H7FCb Fed Funds Ef
0IEHCb First Inv Bn
0OI3Cba Asset Mg Or
0HQICbiz Ord
0DW2Cbk Bund Future
0H9CCbk Bund-future
0DW1Cbk Bund-future
0HQKCbl And Associa
0Q76Cbo Territoria
0HQNCboe Global Mar
0DWVCbrain Ord
0HQPCbre Group Cl A
0HQMCbs Cl B Ord
CCJICc Japan
0DX2Ccb Real Estate
0HDWC-cbk 10Y Us-t.
0HDVC-cbk 10Y Us-t.
0HE0C-cbk Us Tr Etf
0HDZC-cbk F
0LS5Ccc Ord
0LX1Cd Project Red
0HQRCdk Global Ord
0R4NCdrl Ord
0OLLCee Prop Reit O
0DYQCegedim Ord
0DYTCegereal Reit O
CBACeiba Investme.
0HURCelanese Sr A O
0QYACelgene Ord
0MR5Cellavision Ord
0HUUCelldex Therape
0WA2Cellectis Ord
0GFACellink Ord
0R9CCellnex Telecom
0RACCellnovo Ord
CLLCello Health
0RKXCelon Pharma Or
0HUZCelsion Ord
0Q3LCeltic Property
0QFKCelyad Ord
0MR0Cemacon Ord
0GB8Cemat Ord
0QPJCembra Money Ba
0DXUCembre Ord
0HY2Cementir Holdin
0E07Cementos Molins
0MWSCemmac Ord
0RL2Cenergy Ord
0MUFCenit Ord
CNKSCenkos Sec
CEYCentamin Egypt
0HVBCentene Ord
0HVDCentennial Reso
0HVFCenterpoint Ene
0UP5Centerra Gold O
CAMLCentral Asia
0K8LCentral Euro Me
0N7YCentrale Del La
0O5GCentric Holding
0DZ4Centro Hl Distr
0DYDCentrotec Susta
0Q3HCentrum Medyczn
0OO6Centrum Nowocze
0HVPCenturylink Ord
0NVBCeramika Nowa O
0RAGCerenis Ord
CWRCeres Power
0R00Cerner Ord
0QV5Cerved Informat
0MWTCestne Stavby B
0DYACetis Ord
0XUGCeva Logistics
0Q19Ceva Ord
0RDLCevasa A
0N8FCewe Stiftung O
0QCICez Distributio
0QCGCez Electro Ord
0NZFCez Ord
0HQUCf Industries H
0O2TCfe Ord
0JSRCfi Ord
CGVACg Power Is 4A
0HQWCh Robinson Wor
CGHChaarat Gold
CGLOChagala Grp
CHALChallenger Aq
0QN9Cham Paper Grou
CMHChamberlin & Hill
0E1YChargeurs Ord
0OCTCharilaou Group
CHARChariot Oil
0L3ICharles Schwab
CAYCharles Stanley
CTRCharles Taylor
0HW4Charter Communi
CCFSCharter Court
0Y9SCheck Point Sof
SDVChelvertn Uk
0OB5Cheminvest Ord
0NNDChemolak Ord
0DZ0Chemometec Ord
0LSDChemoservis Dwo
0HWGChemours Ord
TOROChenavari Toro
0S1FCheniere Energy
0HWHCheniere Energy
0IVPChernomorski Hl
0RV7Cherry B Ord Sh
0HWLChesapeake Ener
0J2PChesterfield Ad
CHFChesterfield R.
0R2QChevron Ord
0HQXChf Solutions O
0HWOChicago Bridge
0OMDChimimport Ord
0YWSChina Biologic
0HX8China Mobile Ad
CNELChina New
CNGChina Nonferr
0P58China Specialty
CNSDChina Steel Gds
0HXOChinanet Online
0HXWChipotle Mexica
0QP1Chocoladef. Lin
0QKNChocoladefabr L
0MR6Chr Hansen Hold
0E24Chris Joannou O
0RNWChristian Berne
0NPLChristian Dior
CYSChrysalis Vct
0VQDChubb Ord
0R13Church And Dwig
CHHChurchill China
0QL2Ci Com Ord
0LSECi Games Ord
0DZ8Cia Ord
0O66Cibox Interacti
0QPRCicor Technolog
0DZCCie Automotive
0QL7Cie Financiere
0LS7Ciech Ord
0HYACiena Ord
0P2ECig Kozep-europ
0HYBCimarex Energy
0GHFCimco Marine Or
0HYECincinnati Fina
0NOOCinkarna Celje
0GI8Cinno Fin Tech
0HYJCintas Ord
CIPCip Merchant
0MHACir Compagnie I
CRCCircle Prop
0HYICirrus Logic Or
0R0KCisco Systems O
0K2MCiti Proprt Rei
06LCCitibank Hang U
07LCCitibank Thai U
05LCCitibk.kuala Lu
0R01Citigroup Ord
0HYPCitizens Financ
0HYRCitrix Systems
0KF4City Developmen
CLIGCity Lon Inv
CMHYCity Merch.high
CINCity Of London
CTYCity Of London Investment
CPCCity Pub Group.
0E2NCitycon Ord
CSHCivitas Social
0DDVClabo Ord
0N6KClaranova Ord
0QJSClariant N Ord
0NGEClaridge Public
CCSClarity Commerce Solutions
0GQEClas Ohlson B O
0R8LClass Editori O
0G6XClavister Holdi
0I05Clean Diesel Te
0I04Clean Energy Fu
0OMCClean&carbon En
CLPClear Leisure
0I0BClearsign Combu
CLSUClearstar Di
0I0HCleveland Cliff
0GHXClimeon Ord
0GWJClinica Bav Ord
0N7XCloetta B Ord
0I0JClorox Ord
CBGClose Bros
CALLCloudcall Grp
0I0NCloudera Ord
0DZRClr Investment
CLICls Hdgs
CLNRCluff Natural
0RBIClx Communicati
CMCXCmc Mkts
0VQQCmci Oil S-a Eu
0MKVCmci Oil S-a Us
0HR2Cme Group Cl A
CMLCml Microsystem
0HR4Cms Energy Ord
0QGUCnh Industrial
0E0CCnim Ord
0RABCnova Ord
0IUQCnp Assurances
0O7QCnv Vermoegens
0Q37Co.don K Ord
0Q3DCoal Energy Ord
COACoats Group
0W0PCoba Gen.05/20
0UPZCobalt 27 Capit
0TK7Cobalt Blue Hol
0UQ0Cobalt Power Gr
COBRCobra Resource.
0I0TCoca Cola Bottl
0RH7Coca Cola Europ
CCEPCoca-cola Euro.
CCHCocacola Hbc Ag
0QZKCoca-cola Ord
CDMCodemasters Gr.
0SYQCodere Ord
0I0XCodexis Ord
0R0UCoeur Mining Or
0QVKCoface Ord
0ONRCofide Gruppo D
0NVTCofina Ord
0J3ZCofinimmo A Prf
0J3YCofinimmo Prf
0J3XCofinimmo Reit
0I14Cognex Ord
0QZ5Cognizant Techn
0LSACognor Holding
0GCBCognosec Ord
0I17Coherent Ord
0OK9Coheris Ord
0RGGCoima Res Ord
0NZ1Colas Ord
CFXColefax Grp.
0I1BColfax Ord
0P59Colgate Palmoli
0LUYColian Ord
COSCollagen Sol
0R8TCollector Ord
0I1EColony Capital
0YY7Colony Capital
0QBOColoplast B Ord
0N4YColruyt (D) Ord
0QP7Coltene Holding
CERPColumbus Energy
0UQAColumbus Gold O
0NPJColumbus It Ord
0QV0Com Hem Holding
0MVGCom Stage Psi20
0O6MComarch Ord
0QYFComcast Cl A Or
0KHUComcm Ord
0N7OComdirect Bank
0KXWComelf Bistrita
0I1PComerica Ord
0ROQComet Holding N
0H97Commerzbank Bun
0CMZCommerzbank Ord
CZBCommerzbank Ord
0W0ZCommerzbank Par
0O67Comp Ord
0E11Compa Ord
0N7NCompagnie Des A
0RI9Compagnie Gener
0OC6Compagnie Indus
0OR0Compagnie Lebon
CEIACompal 144A
CEIRCompal Reg S
CPGCompass Ord
0E2JComponenta Ord
0J0OCompta Ord
COMComptoir Grp
0QVSCompucon Comput
0MSDCompugroup Medi
0E1EComst Levdax X2
0E0TComst Mdax Etf
0HCAComst Msci Ital
0HCDComst Msci Spai
0W75Comstage 1-Dax
0W76Comstage 1Divda
0W7AComstage 1-Eo E
0W78Comstage 1-Mdax
0H7YComstage Atx Uc
0H82Comstage Cac40
0MUZComstage Dax Uc
0DWZComstage Divdax
0DQIComstage Euro S
0H9ZComstage F.a.z.
0DV3Comstage Fr Dax
0H8ZComstage Fr Eur
0MJQComstage Ftse 1
0HBGComstage Ftse C
0H8YComstage Hscei
0H8WComstage Hsi Uc
0H7JComstage Msci E
0H7MComstage Msci J
0DS3Comstage Msci P
0H7PComstage Msci T
0DRYComstage Msci W
0MV1Comstage Nasdaq
0MV3Comstage Nikkei
0DSCComstage S&p Mi
0H7QComstage S&p Sm
0DV0Comstage S&p500
0W77Comstage Sdax U
0DX0Comstage Shortd
0H7WComstage Smi Uc
0H9IComstage Spi Tr
0H75Comstage Stoxx
0W79Comstage Tecdax
0W73Comstage Verm.s
0GQ4Conafi Prestito
0I2PConagra Brands
0P1AConcefa Ord
0P4XConcentric Ord
0I2TConcho Resource
0RO3Concord Ord Shs
0UQGConcordia Inter
0H0NConcordia Marit
CNRCondor Gld
0CUKConferize Ord
0NO9Connect Group O
CNCTConnect Grp
0QGMConpet Ploiesti
CGNRConroy Gld&nres
0GOGConsilium B Ord
0I35Consolidated Ed
CSRTConsort Med.
0K77Constantin Medi
0OD2Constantinou Br
0REPConstellation B
0QSGConstellium Cl
0RD9Consti Group Or
0M83Constr Transilv
0W6KConsus Real Est
CGOContango Hdg
0QCMConted Sa Doroh
0L8ZContext Vision
0LQ1Continental Ord
0I3FControl4 Ord
0I3GControladora Vu
CICConygar Inv
0QW1Conzzeta Holdin
0I3ICooper Ord
0R8QCoor Service Ma
0H8MCopenhagen Capi
0RTGCopenhagen Capi
0G3LCopperstone Res
CORACora Gold
CRUCoral Products
0QHLCorbion Ord
0SZICorbus Pharmace
0I3QCorcept Therape
0Q82Core Laboratori
0TCSCorem Property
0NMOCorem Property
0MDKCorem Property
0PT3Corem Property
CNSCorero Network
0I3TCoresite Realty
0RVJCorestate Capit
0R2XCorning Ord
COROCoro Energy
0Z9ZCorp Empresaria
0HA8Corporacion Fin
0O7JCorticeira Amor
0UR4Corus Entertain
0UR5Corvus Gold Ord
0RGICosmo Pharmaceu
0E1CCosmos Insuranc
0I47Costco Wholesal
0I4ACoty Cl A Ord
0I4BCoupa Software
0O3DCourtois Ord
0RBECovestro Ord
0A0VCovetrus Ord
0QNZCph Chemie Papi
0OKACpi Computer Pe
0J0FCpi Holdings Pu
0NWQCpi Property Gr
CPSCpl Resources
CYNCqs Nat
NCYFCqs New C.h.y.f
0H2LC-quadrat Inves
0R44C-rad B Ord
0E1SCramo Ord
CRVCraven House Capital
0O3RCrcam Alpes Pro
0OQKCrcam Atlantiqu
0IN0Crcam D Ille Et
0O40Crcam De Norman
0AHXCrcam Du Morbih
0AHICrcam Nord De F
0O3QCrcam Sud Rhone
0QI9Creades A Ord
0QK1Crealogix Holdi
0U8NCredicorp Ord
0GTICredit Agricole
0HAICredit Agricole
0I4PCredit Suisse G
0K93Credito Emilian
0I4QCree Ord
CREOCreo Medical
0UR7Crescent Point
CRSTCrest Nicholson
0I4DCrh Cum Prf
TIDECrimson Tide
0VRQCrispr Therapeu
0I4TCriteo Adr Rep
CRDACroda International
CSSGCroma Security
CGVDCrompton Gdr S
0DXGCropenergies Or
CRPRCropper (J)
0J00Cross Industrie
0OL4Crosswood Ord
0I4WCrown Castle In
0QSXCrown Energy Or
0I4XCrown Holdings
CRWNCrown Place
CASCrusader Resou.
0URECruz Cobalt Ord
CRSCrystal Amber
0DT9Cs Cbk Comm Ex-
0DRDCs Commerzbank
0JBOCs Communicatio
0DRACs Dj Industria
0H7ZCs Euro Stoxx 5
0H80Cs Euro Stoxx 5
0H6PCs Euro Stoxx S
0QP5Cs Group Ag N O
0H7LCs Msci Em East
0DXLCs Msci Emergin
0H7UCs Msci Eur Sca
0H7TCs Msci Europe
0DS1Cs Msci North A
0H7KCs Msci Pacific
0H7NCs Msci Russia
0DSACs Msci Usa Etf
0DVACs Nyse Arca Go
0HAPCs S&p Smit40 I
0DX1Cs Sdax Etf
0H6VCs Stoxx 600 Co
0H6WCs Stoxx 600 Fi
0H6ZCs Stoxx 600 Fo
0H70Cs Stoxx 600 He
0H71Cs Stoxx 600 In
0H72Cs Stoxx 600 In
0H74Cs Stoxx 600 Me
0H76Cs Stoxx 600 Pe
0H77Cs Stoxx 600 Re
0H78Cs Stoxx 600 Re
0H7ACs Stoxx 600 Te
0MUXCs Stoxx 600 Te
0H7CCs Stoxx 600 Tr
0H7ECs Stoxx 600 Ut
0H6UCs Stoxx Euro 6
0H6RCs Stoxx Euro 6
0H6QCs Stoxx Europe
0H6SCs Stoxx Europe
0DQMCs Stoxx Europe
0R74Csepel Ord
0R75Csepel Ord
CSFGCsf Group
0IHTCsp Internation
0HRMCsra Ord
0HRJCsx Ord
0E2FCtac Ord
0RLBCti Biopharma O
0OPTCto Public Comp Intrn
0EEECts Eventim Ord
0QIMCtt Correios De
0GUOCtt Systems Ord
0URGCub Energy Ord
0QTBCube.itg Ord
0I58Cummins Ord
0OQMCurasan Ord
0RDDCuretis Ord
CBPCurtis Bks
CZNCurzon Energy
CREICustodian Reit
0I5ZCustomers Banco
0HRTCv Sciences Ord
CCPECvc Credit Eur
CCPGCvc Credit Gbp
0HRRCvr Energy Ord
0UMWCvr Medical Ord
0S1BCvr Refining Un
CVSGCvs Group
0HRSCvs Health Ord
0QWVCxense Ord
0MNQCyfrowy Polsat
0I5PCymabay Therape
0S1OCypress Energy
0I5QCypress Semicon
0EHLCyprus Forest I
0NOACyprus Tradingr
0HRUCys Investments
0I5UCytori Therapeu
0P2SCytrustees Inve
0I5RCytrx Ord
0NY5Cyventure Capit
0QD6Czerwona Torebk
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