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Lastest Finance News

Tesco Fraud Trial Abandoned After Director Has Heart Attack

23rd February 2018

The fraud trial involving three former Tesco directors has been abandoned four months in, after one of the defendants suffered a heart attack. ... Read More

Bulls Taking Back Control of the Stock Markets

22nd February 2018

The FTSE 100 and major European markets are all following the Asian and US markets in a significant upward trend. Bullish sentiment is helping the markets to trend upwards after the US indices ended their run of losses, and the FTSE 100 gained more than 0.6 percent, after having yesterday sustained its worst loss since the result of the Brexit referendum was announced. ... Read More

FTSE Falls to Two Month Low

5th February 2018

The FTSE 100 fell to a two month low on Monday, as fears mounted over inflation and rising bond yields. The UK’s leading index fell by 1.1 percent on Monday, while the FTSE 250 fell by 1.3 percent. The FTSE 100 has fallen by more than four percent this year, in part because of the pound’s steady recovery from post-Brexit lows. ... Read More

Capita Shares Fall to 20 Year Low

2nd February 2018

Shares in Capita have fallen to a 20-year low, as fears mount surrounding the company’s turnaround. Meanwhile, shares in Vodafone and Shell also slipped, as the FTSE 100 overall fell by 0.6 percent. ... Read More

FTSE Slips as Bond Fears Grow

31st January 2018

The FTSE 100 hit its lowest point in 2018 so far, falling below the 7,600 mark, as a widespread stock market sell-off took place, prompted by fears over the bond market. The UK’s leading index fell by 75 points, with banks and mining companies being some of the poorest performers. ... Read More

Capita PLC Sheds 35%

31st January 2018

Capita PLC was one of the major fallers of the day, shedding 35% during the first half of the trading day. The company released an update on its transformation progress over the two months following the appointment of its CEO. ... Read More

UK Stocks Struggling for Direction

31st January 2018

UK stocks struggled to find their direction on Wednesday, as investors were made to feel uneasy by the struggles at Capita. ... Read More

Gerry Mallon Joining Tesco

29th January 2018

Tesco Plc will soon have Gerry Mallon joining the group, to run the financial services arm. Mallon will be joining from Ulster Bank, where he has been serving as Chief Executive. He has resigned from that position, and made a formal announcement about his intent to join Tesco earlier this month. ... Read More

Growth Data Breaks FTSE From Two-Day Losing Streak

29th January 2018

The FTSE 100 has broken out of a two-day long losing streak, with the FTSE 250 also enjoying modest gains. The markets turned around thanks to some better than expected UK growth data at the end of the week, which helped to improve the mood, and keep the pound off its recent peaks against the euro and dollar. ... Read More

Brits In Favour of Second Brexit Referendum

29th January 2018

While Brexiteers may feel that those who are calling for a second referendum are just ‘sore losers’, it appears that there are some people who are suffering from a form of buyer’s remorse with the referendum. ... Read More

Strong Pound Hampers FTSE

29th January 2018

The FTSE 100 took a slight knock during early trading, as a steep rally for the pound hit the earnings of FTSE 100 companies that take their income in foreign currencies. The UK’s leading index is home to a number of companies who see their profits increase when the pound is weak, and fall when the pound is strong, so the Forex charts can be a good barometer for the health of the index. ... Read More

Government Paying Millions to Keep Carillion Projects Alive

29th January 2018

There are hundreds of public sector contracts still running that had been assigned to Carillion, and with the failure of the company, the government has been forced to step in and pay out Treasury funds to keep the public sector work going. The projects are going to cost millions of pounds per day in temporary funding. ... Read More

FTSE 100 Closes Down by 15 Points

29th January 2018

The FTSE 100 closed down by 15 points, ending the day at 7,715, while US stocks increased slightly. GKN was one of the main stories of the day, producing improved forecasts. Barclays was another standout. The rest of the markets were subdued, however, and while the day’s results were weak overall, volatility was low as investors waited to see what would happen after the government shutdown. ... Read More

Stocks vs Crypto for the Year Ahead

29th January 2018

This year, the average investor faces some interesting questions. Would it make sense to invest in bitcoin, or would you be better off putting your money into shares? Bitcoin are highly volatile at the moment - having gone from $15,000 down to around $9,100 and then bounced part of the way back in the space of a week. The FTSE 100, meanwhile, is also volatile - not quite so much - but it’s had its difficulties recently after hitting an all time high and it’s been under-performing compared to some other markets. ... Read More

Government Creates Task Force to Support Carillion Workers

29th January 2018

The government has set up a task force with the intent of supporting workers and businesses that have been affected by the collapse of the construction and outsourcing company Carillion. The company employed 46,000 people worldwide, and around 20,000 of those jobs are in the UK and are now under threat. They also worked with a huge number of outsourcing companies, who will now be facing financial issues because Carillion owes them a large amount of money. ... Read More

Why Carillion’s Collapse Wasn’t the Fault of Banks

29th January 2018

As the markets digest the potential impact of the collapse of Carillion, it is easy to try to blame the failure of the construction and outsourcing giant on RBS. This would be a shortsighted view, however. The executives at the company have a lot of explaining to do. ... Read More

FTSE Slips for Third Straight Day

29th January 2018

The fall-out from the collapse of Carillion is continuing, and is negatively impacting the FTSE 100, as the US markets saw some volatile trading, and a negative mood hit crypto-currencies too, with Bitcoin dipping to below $10,000. ... Read More

Exploring the Carillion Crisis

18th January 2018

As the Carillion crisis unfolds, the official receiver says that the vast majority of the companies which used Carillion’s services wish to keep paying ‘in the interim’. Approximately 90 percent of the company’s private customers wish to keep paying staff, but there are still fears over Carillion job losses and sub-contractors are in a precarious position. ... Read More

Carillion’s Collapse Puts 30,000 Firms at Risk

17th January 2018

The collapse of the construction giant and outsourcing company Carillion will affect up to 30,000 firms, potentially meaning that they collectively lose out on £1 billion in contracts. Thousands of jobs are at risk - Carillion itself has around 20,000 UK employees, and they work with numerous sub-contractors, as well as having joint venture partners. ... Read More

London Markets Shed Recent Gains

16th January 2018

The FTSE 100 slipped back from its record high, in spite of some strength for companies such as GKN, because the news of the collapse of the outsourcing and construction major Carillion PLC weighed heavily on the minds of investors. The slip back was small, however, and the index is still hovering near its record. ... Read More

Just Eat Makes Strong Gains

12th January 2018

Just Eat helped the FTSE 100 climb to a new record high on Thursday, after Barclays informed investors that it thought that the forthcoming ban on credit card transaction fees might end up boosting profitability. ... Read More

RBS Strong and Financial Stocks Support FTSE

11th January 2018

Financial stocks helped to shield the FTSE 100 from some broad weakness in the markets, as Royal Bank of Scotland proved to be a strong performer. ... Read More

FTSE Hits Another All Time High

9th January 2018

The FTSE 100 has gained five percent in six months, to hit another all-time high. The UK’s leading index broke through the 7,700 barrier, showing that investor confidence remains strong. This is a long way from the 1,000 level that it held in 1984, and even though the FTSE 100 fell to 3,400 during the recent financial crisis, it has managed to enjoy a huge come-back. In the long run, it’s clear that shares are able to recover from even massive difficulties. ... Read More

Centrica Recovers from Difficult 2017

8th January 2018

As we head into the new year, Centrica has managed to shrug off last year’s poor performance, and the FTSE 100 as a whole surged to new highs. In 2017, Centrica was the poorest performer out of the blue-chips, but last week the company led the UK’s leading index to a record high. ... Read More

FTSE Hits New All-Time High

5th January 2018

The FTSE 100 has hit a new all-time high, and is looking set to continue to grow, as analysts feel satisfied that the world’s economy is about to enter a sustained expansion period. ... Read More

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