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Lastest Finance News

Investors React to Unilever’s Decision

25th October 2018

Unilever has opted to back down from its plans to end its dual headed structure and opt for a single headquarters in the Netherlands. The decision to stick with the dual structure is one that has been met with positive sentiment by British shareholders, who were worried that the move out of the FTSE 100 would see them losing money. ... Read More

Tesco Shares Hit By Poorer Than Expected Profits

23rd October 2018

Shares in Tesco have fallen by 8% after the company reported that it had seen disappointing profits during the first half of the year. For that period, the company reported that pre-tax profits were up by 2.2 percent, to £564 million. ... Read More

Aston Martin To Fall Just Short of FTSE 100

23rd October 2018

Aston Martin is due to float publicly this week, but is expected to fall just short of the FTSE 100. The company has announced a narrowing of its share valuation, with the expected pricing now being between£20 and £18.5, a fall of 11 percent at the top end (down from £22.50), and a rise of 6 percent at the bottom end, up from £17.50. ... Read More

FTSE Close 35 Points Lower on Friday

20th October 2018

The FTSE 100 ended Friday down by 35 points, at 7,510, although it was still up by 0.26% over the whole week. ... Read More

FTSE Outperforms EU As Italy Faces Deficit Woes

18th October 2018

The FTSE 100 outperformed the broader European markets on Friday, as shares on the continent sustained steep losses. The Italian government has set a higher than expected budget deficit target, which could see Rome colliding with Brussels. ... Read More

FTSE Firms Failing to Report Climate Risk

17th October 2018

An independent review into the issue of climate change has found that BT, M&S and Unilever are leading the way when it comes to climate action, however most companies are not doing enough to safeguard the environment. ... Read More

FTSE 100 Struggles after Trade Tarrifs Kicked in

14th October 2018

The FTSE 100 got off to a difficult start to the week, as trade tariffs kicked in, destroying investor optimism. The UK’s leading index shed almost 32 points, to close at 7,458. The FTSE 250 also slipped, and US stocks were showing weakness as well. ... Read More

Brexit Concerns Weigh on Car Industry

14th October 2018

The UK’s car manufacturing industry has seen declines for the third consecutive month, reporting a fall of 12.9 percent in August compared to the same time in the previous year. ... Read More

Mike Ashley Blames Greed for House of Fraser Closures

12th October 2018

Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley has spoken out against greedy landlords, who he feels have led to the closure of three House of Fraser branches. Ashley bought the retailer out of administration in a £90 million deal. He has announced that 15 sites which had previously been earmarked to be closed will now remain open. ... Read More

Sainsbury’s - Asda Merger Referred for More Investigation

10th October 2018

The Competition and Markets Authority has referred the proposed merger between Sainsbury’s and Asda for an in-depth investigation. The CMA has confirmed, after completing its Phase 1 investigation, that the proposals raise sufficient concerns to warrant a more in-depth review. ... Read More

Economists Warn of New Financial Crisis

9th October 2018

Economists are warning that we are seeing the beginnings of another financial crisis - one that could be worse than the global meltdown seen in 2008. ... Read More

Why Investors are Upset About Unilever Move

4th October 2018

Investors are upset over the plans to move Unilever’s HQ, in what they see as a ‘takeover’ of the company which will leave them not receiving compensation for the change. ... Read More

FTSE 100 Gains as Carney Hints at Rate Hike

3rd October 2018

The UK’s leading index gained 19 points, up to 7,303, as BoE governor Mark Carney warned on the potential impact of Brexit. Carney hinted that if the UK leaves the EU without securing a deal, rates may need to rise. ... Read More

FTSE Declines as Pound Gains

30th September 2018

The FTSE 100 closed lower slightly, as the Bank of England opted to keep interest rates on hold, and the pound showed some strength against the dollar. ... Read More

No Deal Brexit Could Hold up Food at Borders

29th September 2018

Food and livestock could be delayed at borders in the UK if a no-deal Brexit occurs, warns the National Audit Office. ... Read More

FTSE Knocked By Pound Boost

27th September 2018

The FTSE 100 slipped slightly on Wednesday as the pound benefited from a boost following Brexit deal rumors. The pound has taken a beating over the last few weeks, but it recently recovered, gaining 1% against the dollar, and 0.5 % against the Euro. ... Read More

FTSE Held Back By Trade Fears

27th September 2018

The FTSE 100 rose by just three points during the early hours of trading this morning, with trade fears holding back profits on the index. ... Read More

FTSE 100 Set to Stay Unchanged

25th September 2018

For the first time in twelve years, the FTSE 100 is set to remain unchanged during the next quarterly reshuffle. The UK’s leading index gets re-evaluated on a quarterly basis. The FTSE 100 is a list of the 100 biggest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange based on market capitalization, with the FTSE 250 being the 250 next biggest companies. ... Read More

WPP In Talks over Executive Pay

24th September 2018

WPP is understood to be in talks with Mark Read over a 7 million pay package. The package would be half of what former chief Martin Sorrell earned during his last full year as leader of the company. ... Read More

Rightmove Set for Relegation From FTSE 100

19th September 2018

The next FTSE 100 reshuffle is set to take place on September 24, and it will be based on share prices as of the close of trading on Tuesday. A few companies with the potential to be relegated from the FTSE 100, assuming that there is not a massive change in market capitalization over the next couple of sessions, are Marks & Spencer, Royal Mail, and Rightmove. ... Read More

Crypto Firm Granted Insurance Through Lloyds of London

19th September 2018

As the FTSE 100 ended last week on a positive note, perhaps the big news of the week was that Lloyds of London had granted insurance for a crypto storage firm. The move was noteworthy because it marked a change from past reluctance by insurance firms to offer coverage for the digital currency sector - one which is traditionally volatile. ... Read More

Merger Between SSE and Npower Greenlit

16th September 2018

A planned £3 billion merger between SSE and NPower has been given the provisional go-ahead by the competition watchdog. The merger would create a new energy giant that has 11.5 million customers. ... Read More

UK Food Prices to Rise for First Time in Five Years

14th September 2018

Food prices in Britain have increased for the first time in more than five years, after the summer heat wave pushed up the price of fruit and veg. ... Read More

Right Move Could Be Set to Fall Out of FTSE 100

14th September 2018

The next FTSE 100 reshuffle is due to happen shortly, and it appears that Rightmove could be one of the next companies to drop out of the UK’s leading index. The reassessment will evaluate which companies should be in the top flight, based on their market capitalization at the close of trading on the deadline. ... Read More

No Deal Brexit Fears Dampen Economy

12th September 2018

The fear of a no-deal Brexit is dampening the economy and turning up the heat on household finances. GDP growth had picked up over the second quarter of this year, but it is set to slow down again now, as fears of a Brexit-induced slowdown surface. ... Read More

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