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Lastest Finance News

Twitter Bots Manipulating Markets

20th April 2018

Twitter bots have been found to be manipulating the stock markets, as the ‘fake news’ problem has now spread to the finance industry. ... Read More

FTSE Underperforming Compared to Rival Markets

20th April 2018

The long term performance of the FTSE 100 has been disappointing compared to rival indexes in Frankfurt, Tokyo and London, but what is it that has been holding the index back? ... Read More

Why GKN Takeover Would Be Bad for the Company

20th April 2018

Melrose has put in a bid for GKN, and this bid is one that has not been well received. MPs are calling for the government to block the bid which is being seen as a hostile takeover. Melrose is led by Chris Miller, a former protégé of Lord Hanson, and there are many who fear that Miller is viewing the takeover as an opportunity for some asset stripping. ... Read More

Defensive Stocks Help Boost FTSE 100

20th April 2018

The FTSE 100 staged a modest bounce back on Wednesday, erasing some losses from early in the day to end the day relatively flat, after having slipped to 6,973 earlier in the trading session. The index bucked the trend that the US markets were showing, which was a clearly downward one - after China retaliated against trade tariff plans with its own tariff announcement. ... Read More

UK Companies Fear Weak Consumer Demand

20th April 2018

According to a new survey of chief financial officers conducted by Deloitte, the leading companies in the UK now feel that the outlook for the UK has improved after the government reached an agreement regarding transition terms for the UK leaving the EU. The transition period will allow trade to continue as normal for 21 months after March 2019 - giving companies time to adjust and adapt to new trading conditions. ... Read More

FTSE Slips as US Sanctions Hit Russia

20th April 2018

The FTSE 100 slipped by 11 points, down to 7,171, as the US sanctions had a negative impact on stocks exposed to the Russian market. The overall outlook for US futures, however, was more positive, after upbeat remarks from Donald Trump relating to the Chinese trade tariffs helped to reduce concerns about a trade war between China and the USA. ... Read More

Mining Stocks Bolster FTSE 100

20th April 2018

Recovering mining stocks helped to bring the FTSE 100 up to a six week high on Tuesday, with concerns about global trade easing. The FTSE 100 gained one percent by the close of trading, and the FTSE 250 put in a similarly strong performance. ... Read More

FTSE Under Pressure Thanks to Rising Pound

20th April 2018

The FTSE 100 got off to a weak start on Friday, as shares in Sage fell by more than ten percent after the opening bell, and a strong pound weighed on many international earners. ... Read More

FTSE Slips Following Syria Strike

20th April 2018

Shares in the UK’s leading index fell by more than 0.9 percent on Monday, with the news of Martin Sorrell’s resignation from a CEO position at WPP dominating the headlines, and U.S. hedge fund Elliott Management attracting attention by increasing its stake in Whitbread, the owner of numerous hotels and coffee shops. ... Read More

Government Suffers Two Brexit Defeats

20th April 2018

Peers in the House of Lords have secured victory relating to two amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill. The defeats have caused the government to claim that the House of Lords is attempting to prevent the UK leaving the EU. ... Read More

UK Markets Gain as Sterling Slips

20th April 2018

The FTSE 100 lost some ground during mid-morning trading, thanks in part to some confusion over the timing, or likelihood, of a May rate rise. Mark Carney of the Bank of England gave some mixed messages about the timing of any coming rate increase, leaving investors questioning whether they had read signals correctly. ... Read More

Virgin Money Boss on FTSE Gender Equality

19th April 2018

Jayne-Anne Gadhia, the boss of Virgin Money, has been considering changing her name as a stunt to draw attention to the lack of female CEOs in FTSE 100 companies. ... Read More

FTSE Suffers Worst Quarter in Almost Seven Years

17th April 2018

The FTSE 100 gained 0.17 percent on Thursday, to end the first quarter of the year down by 8.2 percent in total - the worst performance for the UK’s leading index since 2011. ... Read More

Defensive Stocks Support FTSE 100

13th April 2018

The FTSE 100 inched up above the 7,000 mark thanks in part to the strength of defensive stocks. Meanwhile, there was a sell-off of technology stocks during early trading in the US markets. ... Read More

Call for Delay to Brexit Leaves MPs Split

11th April 2018

MPs on the select committee examining the Brexit have issued a ‘minority report’ saying that the believe delaying the Brexit date would constitute a betrayal. The disagreement over the details of Brexit has split the committee, as a majority of the members of the committee reached the conclusion that the date of the exit may need delaying. ... Read More

FTSE 100 Ends Week on a Negative Note

9th April 2018

The FTSE 100 ended last week on a negative note as fears mounted of a trade war between the U.S and China. These tensions were added to by fears of instability economically as the Brexit negotiations continue, and there were questions about individual shares. Collectively, these mounted up to a bad week for the UK’s leading index. ... Read More

Opposition Calling for Power to Stop No-Deal Brexit

9th April 2018

The Labour Party is planning to demand that Parliament have the power to stop a no-deal Brexit. On Monday, it is expected that they will demand final say on the Brexit deal, and will be asking for the option to send government ministers back to re-negotiate if there is a suggestion of leaving without an exit agreement. ... Read More

FTSE and Dow Plunge in Afternoon Trading

5th April 2018

After the new Fed chair Jerome Powell confirmed the rate hike that most investors had been expecting, there was an added blow as a more hawkish tone from his announcement hinted at increasingly aggressive tightening of rates either this year, or in 2019. His comments about economic growth and inflation backed this up, as did other policymaker concerns about trade policies and tariffs. ... Read More

RBS Leads FTSE Risers

3rd April 2018

RBS Led the top performers in the FTSE 100, after chief Ross McEwan hinted that the lender may have plans to pay an interim dividend, if the investigations ongoing in the US into mortgage mis-selling are resolved before the deadline. ... Read More

Glencore Warns About Cobalt Crunch

3rd April 2018

Glencore is warning western carmakers to wake up about the fact that there are limited cobalt supplies and that if the situation continues they could be left behind by their rivals in China. ... Read More

NEX Group Boosted By Takeover Bid

1st April 2018

NEX Group’s shares soared by almost one third at the end of the trading week, following a takeover bid. Meanwhile, the FTSE 100 ended the week on a loss, in spite of strength in the energy and financials sectors. ... Read More

Unilever Distancing Itself From Britain

1st April 2018

Unilever is a brand that is best known for products such as Dove soap and the Knorr range of stock cubes. The company also makes several more aspirational products, and has had a major office in the UK for quite some time. However, that is set to change as the company has chosen to open a new unified headquarters in Rotterdam. ... Read More

Bitcoin Marketing Crackdown Continues

30th March 2018

Google has announced that it plans to change its advertising rules for financial services, including cracking down on advertising for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, as of June. The ban will apply to search advertising as well as to ads on YouTube and on third party websites that Google is selling advertising space on. ... Read More

Diageo One of The Top US Companies for Women

29th March 2018

Diageo North America has been named one of the top 60 Companies for Executive Women in 2018, according to the National Association for Female Executives. The NAFE is one of the country’s biggest associations for female professionals, and this is the seventh time that Diageo has made it on the association’s top list. ... Read More

Deliveroo Announces 250 New UK Jobs

28th March 2018

Food delivery company Deliveroo has announced that it will be adding 250 new jobs as a part of its expansion in the UK. The jobs will all be in the tech field, and include data scientists, software engineers, cyber security specialists and product designers. ... Read More

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