Royal Mail Workers to Vote on Strike

Thu, 22nd Aug 2019

Royal Mail workers are expected to hold a vote on whether to strike because of concerns over job security, as well as allegations of a culture of bullying, and criticisms over the terms and conditions of their employment.

The members of the Communication Workers Union will hold a ballot from the 24 September, unless the company is able to reach an agreement with the 100,000 plus workers before then. The result of the ballot is expected by early in October.

Relationships between Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union have deteriorated significantly as the two parties disagree over how the Four Pillars Agreement made last year should be implemented. The deputy general secretary of the CWU, Terry Pullinger, told members that they should get ready for the fight of their lives, because bosses are following their own agenda, which will have long-term detrimental effects over the terms and conditions of employment.

The Four Pillars agreement was reached by Moya Greene, and was one of the final acts that Greene maid before leaving Royal Mail. It moves to reduce working hours, and also addresses pay rises and pension proposals.

The CWU says that since Greene was replaced by Rico Back, the working hours at the company have deteriorated. Back’s appointment was controversial, as he picked up a £6 million ‘golden hello’ for joining the company, something that shareholders objected to but found themselves powerless to stop. Back’s implementation of the Four Pillars agreement is now being called into question.

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