Remote Monitored Systems appoints Alex Vergopoulos as exec; advances mask plans

Mon, 18th Jan 2021

Survey and inspection services group Remote Monitored Systems said it had appointed Alex Vergopoulos as an executive director, while it advances plans to produce protective masks. Vergopoulos had worked closely with one of Pharm 2 Farm's production partners, who were using their technology to apply copper nano particles onto the breathable fabric. His initial responsibility would be to oversee the production and sales of P2F viricidal surgical masks. Remote Monitored Systems said a mask manufacturing machine had arrived from Lemu, as expected, and been installed in a clean room in Nottingham's BioCity. Work would begin this week to commission the machine and commence production. An outstanding biocompatibility test, which tests the reaction to human skin had been delayed and was now expected to be completed in the next week. Remote Monitored Systems said it was working towards producing between 0.3 million and 0.5 million masks before the end of January; before scaling up production to commercial levels in February and March. Discussions were also continuing with Volz, which needed to conclude its own certification process, for it to manufacture both a surgical mask and FFP2 masks, although production was not expected to commence much before the end of the first quarter. 'Whilst the move to production is a positive step; the success of the operation will be demonstrated through securing sales orders for the company's products,' Remote Monitored Systems said. 'Whilst interest remains strong, no firm orders have been received as yet with achieving certification an important step for potential customers.' Story provided by

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