Maestrano wins tree monitoring contract from Australian government

Fri, 29th Nov 2019

Transport corridor analytics group Maestrano said it had won a contract from the Australian government to help it protect regions in the Northern Territory from the effects of uranium mining. Maestrano said its recently acquired Airsight business would equip a number of vertical takeoff and landing drones with LiDAR scanning units. The drones would acquire data from the savanna ecosystem in Kakadu national park, capable of deriving metrics about trees to include tree height, canopy depth, canopy diameters and tree diameter. The last operational mine in the region must cease operations in 2021 and decommissioning and revegetation of the site must finish by 2026. The government was developing methods to monitor revegetation of the site and using drone-based technologies to ensure that it remained on a sustainable trajectory to become similar to the surrounding environment. Story provided by

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