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Ex Dividends to Take 8.5 Points off FTSE 100

Sat, 17th Mar 2018

On March 1, several FTSE 100 listed companies will go ex-dividend. This means that new investors will not qualify for the forthcoming dividend payout. When this happens there is a typical adjustment by market-makers, and Reuters predicts that this adjustment will take approximately 8.48 points off the overall value of the index.

The companies that are due to go ex-dividend include Barclays (paying a 2p per share dividend), Berkeley Group (56.75p per share), easyJet (40.9p per share), Rio Tnto (129.43p per share), and RSA Insurance group (13p per share).

There are several companies in the FTSE 250 that are also going ex-dividend. They are Beazley (7.4p per share), Hays (1.06p per share), HICL Infrastructure Company (1.96p per share) and Witan Investment Trust (13.5p per share).

In addition to the companies going ex-dividend, the next quarterly reshuffle is due to take place. The reshuffle will see the lowest valued companies by market capitalisation moved down to the FTSE 250, with the mid-cap companies that have a high enough market capitalisation compared to the lower-value companies in the FTSE 100 promoted to the top flight. While the market caps have not been assessed yet, the general expectation is that Royal Mail will be one of the companies re-joining the FTSE 100. The company was demoted to the FTSE 250 six months ago but has remained popular with investors and has seen its share price significantly recover in recent months, making it eligible to be promoted.

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