Energy Regulator Calls for National Grid to Report on Power Cut

Tue, 13th Aug 2019

The UK’s energy regulator has called on National Grid (Lon:NG) to provide an urgent interim report into the powercut which caused chaos in both the north and south of the country.

The regulator Ofgem says that National Grid, which operates the electricity transmission system for England and Wales, must publish an interim report by August 16 and a full report by September 6.

The outage, which struck on Friday and lasted for 1 hour, left around 1 million homes without power and caused two of London’s busiest train stations to be closed during the rush-hour. Numerous services were cancelled or delayed, and stations were shut down to prevent overcrowding.

National Grid says that the power cuts were caused by a rare and unusual issue which saw the near-simultaneous loss of output from two generators. Since the outage happened on a Friday evening as commuters were travelling home from work, the effects of the outage were very noticable.

The outage affected people all over the country, and there were some initial fears that it may have been caused by a cyber attack, however that has since been ruled out. The government is launching an investigation into the cause of the issue, because such a siginifcant and sustained power outage can be dangerous, for example if it affects those who depend on power for medical devices. Friday’s outage was the worst in a decade. Share prices for L:NG, however, seemed unaffected in the short term.

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