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Brits In Favour of Second Brexit Referendum

Tue, 18th Jun 2019

While Brexiteers may feel that those who are calling for a second referendum are just ‘sore losers’, it appears that there are some people who are suffering from a form of buyer’s remorse with the referendum.

A recent poll conducted by ICM in association with The Guardian newspaper shows that Britons favour a second vote by a majority of 16 percent. After removing a quarter of the people who took part in the poll - those who have no view - the results were that 42 percent opposed a second referendum, and 58 percent wanted to vote on the exit deal after the final terms were negotiated.

If the vote were held today, while negotiations are difficult and there are conflicting messages coming out of the cabinet, then those who wish to remain would win by a narrow majority - 51 percent to 49 percent - close to the original Brexit vote’s results, simply reversed. The 2016 referendum was 52-48 in favour of leaving.

The Guardian does note, however, that before the original referendum it was indicated that the ‘remain’ camp would win - and they underestimated the numbers that would vote to leave. The numbers that would change their original vote were small in the new poll - nine out of ten respondents said that if a new referendum were held today, they would vote in the same way, which could explain why the switch in outcome is so narrow. Either way, the Brexit is controversial, and there’s a lot of fear about the impact it could have on the economy.

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