FTSE Hits New All-Time High

The FTSE 100 has hit a new all-time high, and is looking set to continue to grow, as analysts feel satisfied that the world’s economy is about to enter a sustained expansion period.

shareprices.com - Friday, January 05, 2018

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The UK’s stock market has enjoyed a bull-run in the first trading week of the year, with both the FTSE 250 and the FTSE 100 enjoying record closing highs. The UK’s leading index ended the week at 7,724, while the index of the UK’s smaller companies climbed to 20.932; both improving from their previous all-time highs. This is a part of a broader trend which saw equities worldwide hitting records over the last few months.

The Dow Jones hit an all time high on Thursday, breaking 25,000 for the first time. The S&P 500 also performed well, hitting a new high earlier in the week. The Topix is also growing, and touched heights that have not been seen in more than 25 years, although it is yet to break into an all time high.

Analysts feel satisfied that the world is enjoying new growth - the euro-zone had been lagging behind the rest of the world but it appears that this is no longer the case, and that the economy is finally healthy. Euro-zone manufacturers reported that the economy had seen its strongest month in the last seven years, while US jobs growth continued to be strong - with non-farm payroll figures impressing investors on Friday. At a local level, FTSE 100 companies have benefited from the weak pound, because of the number of companies which make their main income in US dollars.


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