FTSE Gained £141bn in One Year

The FTSE 100 has increased by £141 billion during 2017, to end the year at a record high. While this figure sounds impressive, the market has actually underperformed compared to many other international markets, thanks in part to the uncertainty surrounding the Brexit negotiations.

shareprices.com - Saturday, December 30, 2017

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With that said Wall Street ended what had been a strong year for stocks and shares with a slight dip. The Dow Jones Industraial Average fell by 0.5 percent, while the S&P 500 also ended down by 0.5 percent, and the Nasdaq Composite shed 0.7 percent. Globally markets added around $9 trillion, with spirits high in spite of fears of war of North Korea, the Brexit Negotiations, Bitcoin confusion, and Trump’s policies adding to the confusion.

The markets have done well to shrug off the fears and the complications of trading this year, and there is optimism heading into 2017. The FTSE 250 has hit its own record highs, and has performed better overall than the FTSE 250 - partly thanks to the market’s more local focus. The FTSE 100 is heavily influenced by the health of the Sterling compared to the US Dollar, and also to international monetary policy. Meanwhile, the FTSE 250 is concerned more with the performance of locally listed companies that do not depend on foreign currencies. This means that for the short term at least the index has been somewhat shielded from concerns over Brexit and the progress, or lack thereof, in the divorce deal negotiations.


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