FTSE Companies Complacent About Brexit

According to the latest survey, FTSE 100 companies are increasingly becoming complacent about the likely impact that a Brexit would have on their business. Rolls Royce has went on record as saying that they are not going to speak out on the issue of Britain leaving the European Union because they do not see a business reason to do so. Six other companies have already said that they feel that the decision would have little or no impact on their business.

shareprices.com - Monday, February 08, 2016

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Vodafone Group

Overall, the business community does not think that the decision will be a close one. The polls so far suggest otherwise, but most businesses appear to believe that it would make little difference to their day to day operations.

Those campaigning to stay in Europe say that leaving would cast doubt on the right to work of as many as one in 16 people who are currently employed in the UK. It would alter trading regulations, and it would impact supplier relationships too. In spite of this, seven of the biggest companies in the UK are indifferent to the vote, and several companies, including Vodafone and BAE systems have said that they are focusing on business as usual for the moment.

Some companies are preparing, however - Standard Life is looking at the impact any move would have on customers, and Persimmon has conducted some supply chain analysis as well as financial modelling. Other companies are looking into the status of their eastern European workers - but the full impact of an exit is difficult to predict.


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