Dixons Carphone Hampers FTSE 100

The FTSE 100 got off to a weak start on Wednesday, with Dixons Carphone’s shares being one of the poorest performers of the day. The retailer’s share price fell by 2.8 percent, despite a 19% increase in half-yearly profits before tax. The company warned that more uncertain times lie ahead for them.

shareprices.com - Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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Overall, the UK’s leading index is currently down by 20.36 points, a fall of 0.29 percent, but it is still sitting at 6,948.21. Dixons may have been the worst performer of the day, but there was also weakness within utility companies, with SSE falling 1.44 percent, and Centrica softening by 1.38 percent. Oil prices fell, but the value of gold, silver and copper increased.

Meanwhile, there were falls in the pharmaceutical, consumer goods and housebuilding sectors, and mixed results in financials, with some banks making gains but broad weakness across the sector.

There have been some strong performers in the index, however, with the main one being Micro Focus International, who reported a 22.4 percent increase in their underlying earnings for the first half of the year. The company is in the process of purchasing Hewlett Packard’s Enterprise Software business, in a deal worth $8.8 billion. Supermarkets were also strong, with Sainsbury being one of the stand-out performers of the morning, and other supermarkets following their lead.

Meanwhile, in the currency markets, the pound made some minor gains against the dollar, up by $1.2664, and is slightly down against the euro, at EUR1.1909.


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