News Contributors


Dominic Turner

Dominic is a seasoned independent researcher and author, writing regularly on a range of financial sector and business themes. Dominic's primary interests lie in the performance of the FTSE 100, together with other indices and in international finance. Dominic has written for a number of financial websites, together with news feed and content providers.

Rob Hull

Rob is an experienced journalist with a history of writing for a variety of different sectors including automotive and retail. Rob is a full time writer with a background in news writing, online journalism, blogging and video reports.

Chris Bradshaw

Chris has had a long career in financial and senior management within the automotive sector, including the role of Managing Director of the financial services division of a major motor manufacturer. He now runs a consultancy business and writes regularly on consumer and automotive finance together with wider issues relating to the financial markets.

Kate Neilson

Kate has over 25 years experience in industry including heading a financial services company. She is now a full time writer covering a range of consumer finance and business themes for a number of direct clients and online news providers.


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